Friday, September 2, 2011

First Endurance

I've always been a tinkerer. For many reasons. I hate the idea of not knowing how something works, like to be able to do things on my own and just enjoy the process of discovery. I'm the guy who will spend triple the amount of time trying to fix something on my own rather than pay for an experts help. I'm no dummby though (well, sometimes). I realize that certain times an expert is needed which is one of the reasons for hiring my Coach, Dan Jarecke. For most everything else, I'll tinker away. The difference I feel between me and other would be tinkerers is that once I figure it out, or get it right, tinkering stops. At that point I'm happy with the discovery and happy to move on. This includes my approach to nutrition in racing and training. I've found something that works. No need for any more exploration.

Triathlon, especially long course triathlon, is like a chess game in a lot of ways. It's long and calculated. The athlete with the most fitness doesn't always cross the line first. There are just too many variables. Nutrition being one of many. My coach likes to talk of "The Seven Sports of Triathlon" and includes nutrition as one of those. For most, nutrition needs a lot of tinkering before you get it right. I've tinkered plenty. You might hear me say this more than once, but its true - I'm in constant search of the best of everything. I've tried products from most every endurance nutrition company on the market out of curiosity at times but more importantly because I wanted to find something that worked! I've found that in First Endurance and couldn't be happier that we've partnered.

A little background about the company that I pulled direct from the site because I couldn't explain any better:

"First Endurance was started by two racing fanatics (a cyclist and a triathlete) with a healthy obsession for sports nutrition. The idea was simple. We wanted to give endurance athletes access to formulas that are developed for one specific reason-to maximize endurance performance. At First Endurance, our approach is different. Because of our core values and uncompromising standards, we develop the best products available. We are committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients. We employ the latest technological advancements and demand the finest packaging materials to protect the product from the elements (moisture, oxygen and UV degradation). Only when we are 100% satisfied that these standards are met, do we offer the products to you."

This isn't a supplement company dabbling in endurance sports. This is a nutrition company created for endurance athletes. Each product created with the expressed interest of maximizing the performance of the athlete. If you're reading and are an endurance athlete of any kind and haven't tried First Endurance, what are you waiting for?

If you need any more convincing, Lava Magazine just wrote a behind the scenes piece of sorts that takes a look at the production facilities at First Endurance. You can find a copy of the article here. One of the cofounders, Robert Kunz, isn't just a business man with a great idea. He's also the Chief Researcher, VP of Science and Technology and life long athlete. In a few words, he just gets it, and it shows in the products produced.

My cabinets have been stuffed full of First Endurance even before my sponsorship as you can see:
There's many great things about the First Endurance product line up - the taste, the ingredients that actually make up the product, the performance (duh) - but the simplicity of each I find to be one of the highlights. Every athlete will need to determine how many calories they'll need per hour in training and in racing. Once you've figured that out, just figure out how much of the EFS Drink and/or the EFS Liquid Shot you'll need to achieve that number and you're done! No need for additional supplementing or salt pills. Every product is formulated to provide you with exactly what you need based on the latest clinical research available.

Tinkering has stopped with First Endurance. I've found products that work and feel give me the best chance on race day. Beyond that, nothing else matters.

I plan to highlight/review each product in the near future so stay tuned. And while you're waiting go get some of your own.

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